Paying the right salaries makes your business more efficient

It helps you find quickly new colleagues but also retain the great talents in your company

The strategic importance of  a truly competitive  compensation packages

salary paid to an employee in central eastern europe

Why RED. Recruitment salary benchmarks?

The purpose of our market analysis service is to provide a comprehensive insight into the wage levels available in different sectors of a region, the whole country, or even across borders. The analysis also presents trends in the industry as well as macro and microeconomic effects.

As one of the leading HR services company in Central & Eastern Europe, we have a comprehensive understanding of the wage levels available in the industries as well as other employee benefits in the salary package. Whether it is an industrial or office position, a job that requires one or even decades of experience, all the necessary information, channels and data,

regardless of the sector, are available for accurate analysis.

Our Benchmark service helps you to create competitive salary packages within your company.

When do you need a salary or benefits' benchmark?

interview before hiring

Before hiring new talents

Either you have new hires rarely or if you hire constantly big volumes of talents, it is extremely important to plan in advance what could be the cost to budget for enriching your teams with new colleagues or take the chance for quality replacements. What we do is a deep compensation study based on the tasks and the skills required.

internal salary reviews study

Yearly internal salary reviews

Loosing great employees because you only applied an yealry inflation adjustment would be a great shame. and result in additional costs of hiring and training replacements. We support many of our clients in yearly revewing their internal compensations & benefits to be always competitive on the market.

studying and beating competitors

Benchmarking competitors

Marketing teams are spending 70% of their time to benchmark competitors product but the same exercise is rarely mirrored in HR best practices. The real competitive advantage of your company is human capital and you should care about that. Do you want to know what is the average salary per position in your industry or in your same demographic area? RED. Recruitment consultant can support you in this beast practices. Also very often in few areas there is very high density of employers looking for new employees and your employer branding is extremely important to keep a competitive advantage.

presentation to an investor startup

Pre-investment market researches

Is your company thinking of investing, delocalizing or expanding to the CEE region? Especially in Central Eastern Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland & Czech Republic) there are great tax benefits & governmental support for foreign direct investments in countryside areas but many times this might result you in establishing the company in areas with very low talent denisty. A best practice of our clients is to ask us an occupability study and market research on the potential geographic areas to avoid exceptional struggles and additional costs in talent acquisition.

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