Our team, our locations and our network

A growing team

Our team is growing month  by month with new young and dynamic recruiters starting from a team of 4 experienced consultants that decided to cofound RED. Recruitment and are committed to grow something special and unique in the industry of HR services taking their commitment to the next level. Because we believe we do have a mission to change the world of work, we are constantly scouting international new talents ito join our team of superheroes. If interested, please send us your application through generic applications at our career page. To start, you can also decide to be simply part of our Talent acquisition crowdsourced community and get a feel on how we work together with external recruiters for the common success.

A team of trusted advisors to let our partners and candidates excel:

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Our locations

We are very proud of our multicultural environment. Most of our investors are from Italy and the United Kingdom but at the same time most of our advisors are originally or currently based in Central Eastern Europe and 75% of them have a great tenure of recruiting within Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia Poland, Romania and Ukraine. To find out more about our current regional offices check our LinkedIn page.

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Sourcing candidates in Crowdsourcing

The power of collaboration

To scale up the size of our recruitment operations and increase our candidates'outreach we decided to make a big choice, to open our vacancies to a community of recruiters worldwide that are "selected" based on their career and experience and have limited access to our systems as vendors. If interested join RED. Recruitment crowdsourcing community filling the form here and attaching your resume. We will keep in touch for further screenings.

What are the advantages of crowdsourcing in hiring?

First of all, our clients are dealing with only one supplier, us. This is important becuase we do believe that in the hiring industry there are some important legal, compliance and industrial secrets topics that require a certain level of information awnership and clear responsibilities. It is also very convenient to work with one supplier and enjoy the seamless advantages of a selected community of other professionals that are already screening and interviewing candidates on daily basis. It means more sourcing capabilties for out clients.

What does it mean in practice crowdsourcing?

We are not competing with some "cold" recruitment platforms where the main aim is to get as many candidates as possible and also a "non-industry" professional would be able to upload candidates - those are referrals and it is something completely different from what we do.

We have directories of good colleagues and we have them addess to our system as a vendor, only after a strict professional assessment of their past experiences and their capabilities. Usually we don't share the requisition with more than 3 subcontractors and they have all agreed in advance and demonstrated a successfull proof of records or track of candidates in that specific recruitment vertical per role, industry, seniority and geographical area.

Is this practice legal?

It is absolutely legal and a very common practice also at Fortune 500 companies. This is a practice started in the IT sector for testing software or devices and we are nowadays taking it to the Talent Sourcing industry with the support of our systems, capable to manage an incredible inflow amount of candidates.

Why crowdsourcing candidates?

It is a natural process due to a cyclical economy and a post-pandemic labor market. 

RED. Recruitment as several other worldwide recruitment players understood the terrific urge you have to close a position and at the same time agencies couldn't hire fast enough well trained recruiters to cover some peaks in workload. Exactly becuase we wanted to make sure your candidates are sourced by the top level recruiters we decided to look into it.

And now...guess what? We have a lot of new professional friends, we built a community,  we exchange best practices and you?

As a matter of fact,  you receive much more candidates!

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Our core values

We belive that every respectable business has some values, especially if you have the big responsibility to present great talents to achieve your business'success. For this reason we decided to make a statement and adhere to the Future of Work initiative proposed and promoted by the International Labor Organization worldwide and to keep high standards in handling confidential information related to our clients, their businesses and their plans on all the markets we introduce them talents.

Organisations we are proud members of: