International Recruitment services

Search, Shortlist & Select: that's what we do the best!

Within all the business & consulting services we offer, it is important to keep in mind that RED. Recruitment was born as an International Recruitment agency in Hungary and cumulated almost 10 years of experience on the Hungarian market where we worked for the biggest Multinational companies growing their success and increasing their workforce from scratch.

Nowadays, with a candidate - driven market, many things changed in our industry but we took very seriously the challenge to innovate our methodology and services to be closer to the top candidate pools, not only in Hungary or in Central Eastern Europe but worldwide.

Posting a job and waiting only for applicants looking for new career opportunities is not really going to take any benefits to our clients and nevertheless wil help them timely to achieve their business objectives.

A multistep recruitment process = quality control at every stage

Our Purpose

We use our expertise with a purpose: to recruit the right experts to fill your management and specialist positions in areas including - but not limited to - IT, Outsourcing,  engineering, finance and technology.

The main aim of our Recruitment services is to offer a value added contribution to your search for a new colleague. The Recruitment process starts with our first conversation with a client. Let's find out a little bit more about it.

1st step - Listening to our clients'needs

We are often very surprised when our partners just drop us a job description asking us if we have any suitable candidate for it.

We want clients to receive the best attentions also because it is incredibly useful for us. For each position, a brief with a client is strongly suggested. This is a way for us to ask more details but the first step for our consultants is to "actively listen".

From this step we obtain more hints but we also can get an idea about the company culture of our clients and the real job content of a role with all the tasks and main requirements.

2nd step - Asking questions

At RED. Recruitment we are able to make a lot of questions but it is for our candidates and clients'good. We do that to understand what you have in mind and in the meantime we are already considering the following elements:

  • Do we already have similar candidates in our Talent Pool?
  • Is this description and client's expectation matching the local target hire market?
  • What could be the best candidate sourcing channel (local job boards, LinkedIn, Direct Search) or the power of our network?
  • What would be the best fit for your company culture and the general "corridor" mood?
  • Could a local talent be enough or we might need to source foreign candidates and skills from abroad?
  • What certifications and qualifications are hard requirements for the roles in scope?

3rd step: We start already to look around

At RED. Recruitment, we are famous to be proactive. At every stage we like to keep our approach fast and quick and even without a formal agreement we start to look around on the market for some interested candidates. The worst thing we could do is to wait for your signature to start to search for talents. We keep track of the most common and requested profiles at least quarterly to touch-base candidates'willingness to change and ambitions. In these regards, we work with cutting edge AI and newsletter technologies to handle the candidates'funnel. 

Important: You might receive some blind CVs but due to commercial and GDPR reasons we can't forward any profile without an agreement signed by our clients.

4th step: A talior made commercial offer and T&Cs

Every search and each companies needs are different as much as it will be different the amount of energy required for us to search and shortlist the top candidates for your business. We are not a fastfood of candidates and we put the maximum leve lof attention on confidentiality and data protection interacting with each candidate one by one with very few automations designed to make our work easier but the candidate contact and interaction, besides some newsletters, is still our core value and we keep it absolutely individual and human.

5th step: Agreement and channel activation

After our partners agree on our T&Cs we are  happy to start full speed. Meanwhile we show you candidates we contacted in the pre-agreement phase, we activate all the relevant channels we have available (see the chart for more references) and start to gather and filter resumes. After a placement, many candidates are asked by employers how did they find the job. Please never stop making that question. Our ATS is one of the most advanced on the market and it replicates advertisements on more than 40 job portals worldwide. At the same time, we operate advertsing campaigns with eye catching videos on social media or we just get into an industry specific event to meet your candidates. The only valid keyword is #success. On the other hand we also operate the classic "direct search" approach.

6th step: Talent prescreening and interview

Accordingly to the roles in scope you will receive the first profiles in a time span that could be 1 week to 3 weeks. Why so long? What does it change? At RED. we are specialised in operating on labor shortage markets where usually your best candidate is not even interested or looking for a job. After understanding the target hire market, new roles need to be "properly marketed" to candidates. In some cases it might be very easy when conditions and your line of business might be innovative or particularly attractive but in most of the cases our clients have much more urgency in hiring and less leverage on conditions compared to candidates. We speak with talents "one-by-one" and if we won't find even one candidate interested we will come back to you with rich and meaningful feedbacks after our first round of screening.

7th step: Shortlisting top talents

During the second step you already told us and we already clarified what could be the best process for the roles in scope and we will try to accomodate your requests on the candidate brief. Especially regarding what you require us to prepare for you before handing over the candidates. We only provide suggestions to candidates regarding the presentation of their CVs but we don't really force them or modify their CVs for you (we stand absolutely against resumes' forgery). Our interest, for a long lasting relation, is to provide you the most truthful and trustworthy details on the top talents we will introduce you. Candidate profiles can come one by one or all together. For the labor shortage and candidate driven markets don't expect a synchronised shortlist or group assessments, you will need to be on candidates' pace. The market dictates the timing and decisions meanwhile candidate engagement should be always kept fast and high.

8th step: Client interview

We are there at every step. Once you decide to meet a candidate we are very happy also to do a "proper introduction" and if needed we supply with the right tools for it, such as an end-to-end encrypted browser based meeting platform to have a secure and smooth meeting with your candidates and in many cases our consultants are happy to be there and facilitate the interview. This is a best practice when an HR or Talent acquisition partner is not part of the organisation but as a business owner or director at a small company you still want to provide a great candidate experience and receive support.

This is also a great chance for us to have a new alignment with your expectations and questions towards candidates directly on the test ground. Knowing in advance what are the interested topics as much as the interview style, it is a great support for us to refine our search but also to better filter our candidates and make sure that the interviewed ones will know what to expect.

9th step: Client debrief and brainstorming

At RED. we are thirsty to know how candidates performed in an interview because we are obsessed with our quality of work and commitment and try to keep always the highest standards. After candidates' interviews (sometime immediately after) our consultants are available to speak to clients and listen to their first impressions. This practice is not only a descriptive rite but also a feedback on what we exactly understood regarding the vacancy and what we should fix in order to move on with the next batch of talents.

10th step: Hiring

Dear client, you have a match! Besides sharing the joy of finding the right candidate with you, we also fully support you in the offering process understanding what could be the right package to onboard your candidate. Feel free to use us to scout the market conditions and consult with our consultants in order to map the right compensation to keep your candidates for the years ahead. Before and after your offer we keep candidates engaged to make sure they are looking forward to join your company without any slops or counteroffers by other competitors.

What happens after? Nurturing your new employee

We support you in onboarding the candidate in the best way and to keep at high standards the commitment level from day 1 of their employment. We also have followup calls and communications with employee and employers to make sure that everything is going in the best way once the probation period is passed with top marks.

Our professional team also monitors the early stages and communicates with the candidates to understand in advance if the candidate is satisfied and receving the essential information and induction training, development opportunities and effective performance management step by step at the beginning of their careers. Our permanent placement services have the same standard in all countries we operate exactly because we idenitfy all our staff and contractors with the same parameters.

At each step of the hiring process, from the job search to the legal and financial contract arrangements and then the placement and the probation period, we consider every step forward a common objective and a mutual responsibility with our clients.

    Comparison Table
    Cost Factor Hiring Internally Hiring Through Agencies
    Recruitment Advertising Cost of job postings on various platforms. Often included in the agency's fee.
    Recruitment Software Subscription or purchase cost for ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Included in the agency's service.
    Staff Time HR and departmental time spent on crafting job descriptions, screening, interviewing, etc. Reduced internal time, as agencies handle most of the recruitment process.
    Interview Expenses Potentially includes travel, accommodation for candidates, and interviewer time. May be included in the agency's fee; varies by agency.
    Training Costs Onboarding and training for new hire. Same as internal, unless the agency provides pre-trained candidates.
    Salary and Benefits Full salary, taxes, benefits, and any other employee-related expenses. Agency fee plus candidate's salary, taxes, benefits if they are hired permanently. Agencies may charge a higher upfront fee for temporary or contract positions.
    Time to Hire Can be lengthy due to extensive search and selection process. Potentially faster, as agencies may have pre-vetted candidates ready.
    Risk of Mis-hire Costs associated with a failed hire, including re-hiring, lost productivity, and potential severance. Agencies often provide guarantees, offering a replacement at no additional charge if the hire doesn't work out within a certain period.
    Market Knowledge Dependent on HR's expertise and industry connections. Agencies often specialize in specific sectors, offering insights into salary rates, career expectations, and skill availability.