Outsourcing Reference Checks to RED.

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Would you hire someone without checking their references? It's a time consuming but necessary step in the hiring process, especially when we are talking about Mid-Management and Executive roles. Some people may think that an interview is enough to get a feel for the person they are interviewing, but this just isn't the case. The best way to find out if your candidate is up to standards or not is to ask them who they have worked for in the past and collect relevant feedbacks by their network.

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Why to outsource the reference check process to RED. Recruitment?

Let us take care of it and give to referees and candidates a great experience.

When we design and deliver this service for our clients, we use 3 main criterias:

  • Compliance first;
  • Speed of the whole process;
  • Meaningfulness of the feedbacks
RED. Recruitment reference check frontend interface

GDPR Compliance

Powered by technology, we can quickly ask, capture and collect consent to candidates and referees.

We ask our clients what are the questions they are interested in but at the same time we advise them on how to keep every question mark within the legitimate consent boundaries with the support of our amazing legal team. For more clarifications about compliance terms of a reference check visit our article on the "consent" and "legitimate interest" topic" here:

Click here to find out: How to get a GDPR compliant reference check process for your company


Dedicate your trainees to more meaningful activities meanwhile with one click we collect in the same time more references in on shot. No mechanic scheduled calls anymore to fill in a paper in front fo your eyes.

In average, each referee responding to our questionaires need to spare only 3 to 5 minutes of their time.

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An example on what we are able to see and understand out of a reference check message:

RED. Recruitment reference check backend interface sentiment anaysis

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