Erasmus Internship in Recruitment & HR 2023-2024

Erasmus Internship in Recruitment & HR 2023-2024

Our Mission

Firmly convinced of playing an important role in the "Future of Work", in 2020 we have decided to open our doors to Erasmus students and graduates for four main reasons:

  • To actively contribute to the European Commission's international mobility programs and the acquisition of concrete labor market skills for young European graduates and undergraduates;
  • To integrate knowledge in the field of human resources consulting, which is still prominently absent in European academic training curricula;
  • Bringing young people who are still far from the labor market closer to international companies, such as our customers, in view of future insertion or start-up to a professional career;
  • Encourage the creation of a multicultural environment in the workplace allowing young people to get in touch with candidates and colleagues from different cultures and practice English or specific languages already part of their studies.
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Main tasks (roles)

For International Universities, RED. has decided to reserve 10 permanent slots on a quarterly or semi-annual (flexible) basis to accommodate undergraduates and recent graduates interested in performing the following tasks/roles:

  • "Junior talent sourcing" i.e., research and engagement activities for active and passive candidates and assistance to Senior consultants in interviewing and evaluating candidates;
  • activities to support the administrative management of job descriptions, profiles and CVs within ATS systems, CRM and online test administration tools on the verification and measurement of soft & hard skills;
  • digital marketing support activities, advertising and translation of web platforms and email marketing and social media promotion campaigns for the company and its clients;
  • Support for market research activities on segmented worker's compensation standards, benefits and conditions for various European industries and countries;
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Project main premises

The location of the traineeship period is Budapest (Hungary) where we also have our main office.

In the future, we also plan to expand this project to Warsaw, Prague and possible new company locations.

Traineeship format

Our internships are conducted in a hybrid mode (2-3 office days per week and the remainder in smart-working) in strict compliance with local regulations on Covid-19 pandemic prevention.

Company tools

All our systems and software are in the "cloud" and we dedicate temporary and nominal accesses to trainees to allow smart working and to work in full flexibility with their own main device (BYOD - Bring your own device policy).

Learning vs. working

Given the nature of our business we are strongly convinced in the continuous training of our employees and trainees and for this reason we offer on a weekly basis (in addition to on-the-job training) hours of training on specific areas of activity.

This is combined with the possibility during the internship to use the free RED. Academy app that offers informal learning content based on specific selected skills, quizzes and other tests, aimed at the issuance of certifications.

Basic requirements:

Required skills are:

  • Good knowledge of the English language (min. B2);
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, especially in a multicultural environment;
  • Problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task;
  • Good knowledge of the MS Office package, Social Media and habitual use of the computer;

Preferred requirements:

Will be considered advantaged applicants, those with the following skills:

  • English level C1-C2;
  • Additional knowledge of other languages;
  • Minimum previous experience of various types in sales, digital marketing and front-desk activities or customer contact;
  • Familiarity with management systems, social media planning platforms or digital graphic arts creation such as Canva or Illustrator;


Please apply at the position at this link. We will contact only relevant candidates according to talent pool, your skills and motivation.

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